Spread the green

The Corviale Domani association has collaborated with the “Giardino in festa” association to organize two days of eco-sustainability activities for the Corviale community, as part of the European project “Climate + change through democracy and inclusion”. The event included workshops, debates and screenings to raise awareness on environmental issues. The community actively participated in the event and discussed various topics, sharing ideas for good practices.

On the first day, the community watched the documentary “God Save the Green,” which showed how urban green can bring people together and have a positive impact on their social and urban environment. The film presented six innovative approaches to self-produce healthy and nutritious food, emphasizing the important relationship between man and nature. After the screening, the community started a fruitful discussion, which led to the decision to create a small shared urban garden. 

The second day was dedicated to children, who participated in a stop motion workshop and produced a short film with a message of hope. This was followed by the screening of the animated film “Ainbo”, which deals with critical issues such as deforestation, exploitation of the earth and resources, and their devastating consequences on the planet. The film served as a metaphor for the wider problems facing our planet, including the risk of endangering the precious ecosystem and the survival of indigenous peoples. At the end of the evening, the children’s short film was screened, creating a sense of community cohesion and awareness.