Who we are

We are a group of adult educators and learners from organisations in Athens, Berlin, Rome and Sofia. Find more information on us below.

weltgewandt. Institut für interkulturelle politische Bildung e.V., Berlin/DE

The non-profit organisation provides citizenship education and information on political, social and cultural issues for everyone. weltgewandt („open to the world”) focuses on a) making current developments in society and politics understood, b) fostering an awareness of what democracy is and which values are needed to keep it running, and c) encouraging citizens to actively participate in social, political and cultural life. Taking the existing plurality of modern societies into consideration, weltgewandt also strengthens d) the dialogue between people of different cultures, social contexts, generations and life-styles.

weltgewandt e.V. runs seminars, workshops and trainings combining complex issues of societies with creative approaches. It also produces educational material for trainers and teachers encompassing information and didactical inspirations for positive and fruitful learning experiences.

Health and social development Foundation (HESED) was founded and registered in 1998. The multi-ethnic (Roma and Bulgarian) and multi-disciplinary team of more than 70 persons includes specialists in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, social work, medicine, human rights protection, PR, management, accountancy, and Roma community workers.
HESED works in three main areas: Roma community development programmes; health and preventive programmes for key populations; research in the field of behavioural change. Currently HESED is providing community development services in three big Roma communities in Bulgaria – Fakulteta neighbourhood, Sofia (40 000 inhabitants), Filipovtzi neighbourhood, Sofia (10 000), Iztok neighbourhood, Kyustendil (10 000). HESED established the first in Bulgaria community-based health and social center in the Roma neighbourhood in 2003 and nowadays operates four community-based centers according the Model for integrated development (MID) where the last one started functioning in 2017 and is the biggest of its kind in Bulgaria.
MID includes early child development and successful social integration of Roma youths and adults. The focus on the environment issues had become integral part of the work with youngsters and their families. Different approaches to support all community members to diminish water wasting were implemented in the recent years aiming to change and improve the everyday life in Roma neighbourhoods.

Action Synergy S.A. is an education, training and knowledge- based applications organization which is actively involved in the development of education technologies, training methodologies and the development of e-learning training courses. Action Synergy S.A. disposes a long experience in the management and coordination of European Projects. Since its foundation in 1986 the organisation has participated in a considerable number of EU educational projects.
Key areas of expertise:

– Organisation of education activities for the social inclusion of vulnerable target groups
– Organisation of teacher trainings in relation with innovative training methods
– Management, organisation and planning of transnational European projects focusing on education and training
– Creation of links between Universities and enterprises aiming at the technological and regional development
– Organisation of Mobility Projects
– Organisation of e-learning and online learning courses
– Organisation of courses related with the development of the employability of young people
– Promotion and organization of Life Long Learning and continuous training programmes
– Development of synergies at local, national and transnational level
– Learning needs analysis
– Development of courses and modules making use of innovative methodologies such as: open/flexible learning methodologies such as open/flexible learning methodologies, e-learning ICTs
– Quality Assurance

The Associazione Corviale Domani has been operating in the Quadrante Corviale (Municipi XI e XII) since 2008 as an informal aggregation of an increasing number of Associations, Bodies, Institutions, Research Institutes, Operators and Experts from different disciplinary fields, by spontaneously starting a participatory planning path from the below to involve the whole Community of Corviale, the whole Quadrant with its 1.350 hectares of parks (Tenuta dei Massimi, Valle dei Casali, Casetta Mattei, Bravetta, Trullo, Magliana Vecchia) and the Capital City with which it interacts. It consists of formally in 2013.
The aim is to address urban and social development with a global approach: integrate different policies; strengthen the economy; create and ensure quality public spaces and infrastructures; design the territory by integrating urban and rural areas; safeguard and enhance the landscape and architectural heritage, both historical and contemporary; facilitate, by offering ad hoc spaces, cultural policies and uses; bring education and training in primary position; improve the environment and energy efficiency; enhance diversity as an asset to be protected.
The Corviale building, called “Il Serpentone” with its territory, after many years represents a “privileged stage” for both the scientific and political community. An attention that resides in the “extraordinary uniqueness that was at the same time the source of its discrimination”.

www.corviale.com is the online newspaper promoted by Corviale Domani, a newspaper that places the experience and development of the suburbs at the centre of its editorial line. It deals with and aggregates the themes of urban regeneration, Smart cities and Smart communities, start-ups, sustainable and green economy, reuse, recycling, regeneration and sharing. Topics and good practices that are reflected and connected with social discomfort in its different expressions and solutions.