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Of Value: Water and Waste

Yet another internet meeting: The colleagues focused on contributions to our online course (MOOC). One was dedicated to the subject of waste recycling, the other on water and the prevention of water waste. One question was which knowledge of the readers can already be expected. Which aspects might be new and interesting for them?

The parts on the history of waste and how people in earlier centuries dealt with it were well received, as were the thoughts on 3xR, i.e. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle“. Above all, the case study on Corviale-Ecopark aroused interest – and hope.

Water, on the other hand, is readily available to almost all citizens. Life is not possible without water. But what about the value of this precious resource? What does a “water footprint” say, what tips can be given to avoid wasting water? How can people in Roma communities learn to use water more consciously? What can others learn from them? The contributions are now slightly revised. The didactic parts will be tested in workshops. Gladly offline, then in spring/summer 2021.