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Greek danses in Marzahn

Exhibition opening: As part of our cooperation, an exhibition on facets of energy, water, waste and transport was opened in Berlin on 26th October 2023. It had been developed by colleagues and learners from the organisations of the project group, e.i. from Berlin, Sofia, Athens and Rome. 14 guests from the partner countries attended the vernissage.

The exhibition is also part of our online course on climate change and ecological questions. GAIN ACCESS HERE. Chose “Login to your online training” – “register” or “login” – “my courses” – “all courses” – “Change the Change. Climate Change as a Challenge for Adult Education” – “Exhibition: Views on Energy, Transport, Water, Waste and more”. FIND HERE information on how to register, login – and enjoy the courses.

The exhibition was shown at three locations in at the fringe of Berlin (Marzahn-Nord): the Heinrich von Kleist Library, the Kulturhochhaus Marzahn and the Marie Women’s Centre. The opening started in the library. Its director, Ms. Georgi, introduced the various services offered by the small but fine institution and paid tribute to the pictures on ENERGY. In the Kulturhochhaus, there was an opportunity to explore the “Pension 11. Himmel” (Pension 11th Sky) and to hear from the manager Marina Bikádi about the art vending machine, the Princess Suite, and other original designs. The visitors found the pictures of WATER on the ground level, on the way to the Culture Café.

At the Marie Women’s Centre, visitors were invited to see theatre scenes about energy that project participants from weltgewandt e.V. developed together. The lively and lovely evening ended up with Greek danses…

See a description of the vernissage (photos, text):